Sunday, July 15, 2012

Olympic Opening Cere-moo-ny Revealed

Danny Boyle, the award wining film director who has been charged with orchestrating the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, today revealed his vision of exactly what the show will look like. And well…it’s very…erm…green. And features cows. Intrigued?
The Opening Ceremony will be based on the Great British countryside and will see the Olympic venue transformed into a green, grassy meadow complete with an array of farm animals – including cows, sheep and horses – and even two mosh-pits. Yup, that’s right, mosh-pits at the Olympics.
Not only that, but there will be a watermill, a big-ass bell (the largest harmonically tuned bell in the world, don’t you know), a game of cricket being played in one of the areas and all four national flowers to represent all of the home nations.
And oh yeah, there will also be four artificial clouds suspended above the stadium, one of which we are told will be doing what clouds do best: raining. This of course being an obvious allusion to the eccentricity of the ‘Great’ British weather.
Danny says that he has deliberately not tried to live up to or better the awe-inspiring Opening and Closing ceremonies that were seen in the Beijing Olympics. Instead he has taken a different approach (it certainly looks like it) and has opted for a slightly less ostentatious spectacle, but he insists that there will still be ‘wow’ moments in the show.
I’m unconvinced. The ceremony could either be a wonderfully quirky representation of the wonderfully quirky country in which we live, or it could end up being a complete conceptual catastrophe. I suppose we’ll find out on 27th July, eh?

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