Thursday, July 19, 2012

Beyonce B'Day Japan Version

Japanese version of the second Beyonce CD B'Day, including bonus tracks - Creole, Encore For The Fans and Listen, with bonus 30 pages booklet with English and Japan lyrics and promotional Samantha Thavasa's bags sticker.


Beyonce Heat Limited CD

Rare CD added to first Beyonce's fragrance Heat, includes 5 tracks
1. Fever
2. At Last (Karmatronix Remix)
3. Broken-Hearted Girl (Catalyst Remix)
4. Satellites (Karmatronic Remix)
5. Smash Into You (Lost Daze Remix)


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Olympic Opening Cere-moo-ny Revealed

Danny Boyle, the award wining film director who has been charged with orchestrating the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, today revealed his vision of exactly what the show will look like. And well…it’s very…erm…green. And features cows. Intrigued?
The Opening Ceremony will be based on the Great British countryside and will see the Olympic venue transformed into a green, grassy meadow complete with an array of farm animals – including cows, sheep and horses – and even two mosh-pits. Yup, that’s right, mosh-pits at the Olympics.
Not only that, but there will be a watermill, a big-ass bell (the largest harmonically tuned bell in the world, don’t you know), a game of cricket being played in one of the areas and all four national flowers to represent all of the home nations.
And oh yeah, there will also be four artificial clouds suspended above the stadium, one of which we are told will be doing what clouds do best: raining. This of course being an obvious allusion to the eccentricity of the ‘Great’ British weather.
Danny says that he has deliberately not tried to live up to or better the awe-inspiring Opening and Closing ceremonies that were seen in the Beijing Olympics. Instead he has taken a different approach (it certainly looks like it) and has opted for a slightly less ostentatious spectacle, but he insists that there will still be ‘wow’ moments in the show.
I’m unconvinced. The ceremony could either be a wonderfully quirky representation of the wonderfully quirky country in which we live, or it could end up being a complete conceptual catastrophe. I suppose we’ll find out on 27th July, eh?

The Effects Box Office Bombs Have on Studios

Every year, there are going to be a handful of movies that underperform at the box office, perhaps even more than a few. It’s perfectly understandable; the movie business is just like any other business. Every industry releases products that don’t capture the affections of the public and end up writing in a loss. Movie studios plan on it to. Not all movies can be “Avatar.” But not all movies are modest failures like, say, “Where the Wild Things Are.” Some movies turn out to be bona fide flops. Film industry writers love to pounce on these movies. Anytime they see a tentpole picture fall short of the top two spots in during its opening weekend, they sense blood in the water. This year, they’ve had two movies with dismal box office returns to mock: “Battleship” and “John Carter.” And entertainment journalists tend to share one common characteristic, and that is the ability to be merciless. Yet as much fun as they can have sticking it to studio execs and lambasting the flops they produce, the fact is that these gargantuan flops can impact studios enormously.
Just ask Michael Cimino. Recognize the name? He is an Academy Award winner director, and he won his trophy back in 1979 for the classic “The Deer Hunter.” In the late 70s, he was considered in the group of new wave American directors like Coppola, Lucas, Scorsese and Spielberg that were set to change the American film industry for the ensuing decades. Then came his debacle known as “Heaven’s Gate.” Cimino’s three hour plus tale about a land dispute in 1890s Wyoming suffered from a labored production. Thanks to his perfectionism, the shoot quickly fell behind schedule and the budget quadrupled from $11 million to $44 million. $44 million barely covers the trailers for the cast and crew these days, but in the 70s that was a big budget. That number gets even bigger when you consider that the movie ended up grossing only $3 million back. As a result, United Artists, a studio that had found large success in the 70s, went belly up and was put up for sale. All because of one movie. Needless to say, Cimino hasn’t worked much since.
This is not a singular incident. Other studios have gone bankrupt due to box office bombs. Whereas James Cameron’s “Titanic” became the highest grossing film of all time (only to be surpassed twelve years later by James Cameron’s “Avatar), the 1980 film “Raise the Titanic” sank (sorry, had to do it) ITC Entertainment. “Cutthroat Island” was the final nail in the coffin for Carolco Pictures in 1995, after losing roughly $80 million. A more recent example would be “The Golden Compass,” which wasn’t even that big of a bomb. New Line spent $180 million on the 2007 epic, and the film grossed $370 million. So what was New Line’s problem? Well they sold the international rights to the movie, which is where the movie made 81% of its revenue. New Line made a measly $70 million on their investment, and ended up being picked up by Warner Brothers.
Box office bombs will affect the films that studios make in the future as well. Disney had a long reputation as the animation studio, producing classics like “Fantasia” and “Beauty and the Beast.” In 2002, the studio released “Treasure Planet,” a sci-fi interpretation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. Though the film received decent reviews, it was clear that audiences were growing accustomed to the computer animation provided by studios like Pixar and Dreamworks, and Disney ended up losing roughly $70 million on the film. Ever since, hand drawn features have been a scarcity at the multiplex, and Disney became dependent on Pixar for its animated product. Going back to “Heaven’s Gate,” many attribute the film’s failure to a change of ethos in the industry. Critics at the time blamed the film’s disastrous performance in theaters on an excess of creative freedom given to Cimino. As a result, studios reigned in directors during the 80s and well into the 90s, until the Tarantino generation took over. And as a result, many film scholars cite the 80s as the least interesting decade of American cinema.
Even though the public assumption is that these studios come equipped with a hoard of money, they really can suffer from their own failures, and audiences can suffer the results too. Although if studios learn to not make movies based off of board games and starring Rihanna after the “Battleship” mess, maybe audiences won’t suffer too much.

Lady Gaga Celebrates Her 25th Birthday

Her fans flooded social networking site Twitter with messages wishing the the pop icon a happy birthday.
The hash-tag #bornthisday became a worldwide trending topic, apt given her latest single Born This Way remains Number 1 in the US and her upcoming album of the same name is eagerly anticipated by fans.
Just before her birthday Gaga tweeted: “Thank you for trending #BornThisDay monsters! The sweetest tweet! You are all the present I need in the world. I’ll be 25 in about 4 hrs!”
17 hours later she tweeted: “I woke up to chicken and waffles in bed, pink tulips, + little monster bday videos. I love you! I was #bornthisday but u were#bornthisway.”
She has also sung a Mexican-style rendition of Born This Way at her birthday dinner in LA, the video of which is below.

Lady GaGa Vs national day !!!

Most of us know that lady Gaga is to be considered one unique singer in the music world but not that much to have a Lady Gaga DAY !!!
Government officials in Taiwan have declared July 3 as Lady Gaga Day in honor of the star’s highly-anticipated performance in Taichung.
Personally if there is an option to choose I would say Michael Jackson should have that honor or my friend Albahar : P
And with these words I end this Chapter.

Lady Gaga Bad Romance Look


Photo Lady Gaga

Lady GaGa Just Dance photo
Lady GaGa The Fame photo

Lady Gaga Photo

Lady GaGa Фото
Lady GaGa Фото

Lady GaGa photo
Lady GaGa photo

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Mother Monster's Blog, de vacaciones

¡Así es! Durante la próxima semana, hasta el martes día 17, The Mother Monster's Blog hará una parada de descanso por vacaciones, por lo que será imposible actualizar los siguientes días.

Eso sí, a la vuelta, regresaré actualizando con todo lo relacionado con Lady Gaga, fotografías suyas del día a día, tweets, etc. Por cierto, ¿sabéis que Gaga está alojada ahora mismo en el Chateau Marmont de LA, junto a  Lana del Rey, Lindsay Lohan o Marina & The Diamonds? Pues sí, y al parecer, Gaga y Lindsay salieron juntas (echad un vistazo a sus últimos tweets).

Disfrutad del verano, en poco tiempo, el blog volverá a funcionar.


El administrador

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lady Gaga en el restaurante Mr Chow

Anoche, Lady Gaga decidió salir a cenar al restaurante Mr Chow en Los Ángeles. Esta vez la cantante nos sorprendía con un traje a base de arneses y correas que envolvían su cuerpo, con un sujetador semitransparente que dejaba entrever su pecho.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lady Gaga nominada a los "Do Something Awards 2012"

La web y el canal de televisión VH1 pre-nominaron a Lady Gaga para la nueva edición de los "Do Something Awards" de este año, que premia a los jóvenes y artistas que luchan por un cambio social.

Sin embargo, aunque Gaga no contó con los votos suficientes para encontrarse nominada oficialmente en todas las categorías a las que optaba, sí ha logrado aspirar al premio en la categoría "Twitter", gracias a los 26 millones de seguidores que cuenta en la red social.

La ceremonia tendrá lugar el 21 de agosto y las votaciones quedan oficialmente abiertas. Pincha en el link de más abajo para votar por Lady Gaga, tan sólo hace falta registrarte en la web o ingresar con tu cuenta de Facebook o Twitter:

Lady Gaga en un Starbucks en Los Ángeles

Gaga ha regresado hace poco a Los Ángeles, donde se tomará un mes de descanso de su gira "Born This Way Ball".

Ayer mismo, después de aterrizar en LA, fue vista saliendo de un Starbucks. A continuación algunas imágenes, en las que podemos ver a Gaga con unas medias con motivos poligonales y una chaqueta de cuero:

Born This Way Ball Fashion Credits (II)

Tal y como hice anteriormente, continuaré con el análisis del vestuario que utiliza Gaga durante su gira "Born This Way Ball". En esta entrada veremos los cambios de vestuario desde "Judas" hasta "Bad Kids".


En Judas, dos soldados de G.O.A.T. secuestran a Gaga y se la llevan a lo alto del castillo, donde intentan atarla, aunque ella se libera y les persigue para dispararles. En un principio, Gaga usaba el mismo vestuario que el utilizado para Bad Romance, el vestido blanco geométrico de Void of Course y Brandon Maxwell.

Pero en el show de Melbourne, el 27 de junio, Gaga se cambió y apareció con un nuevo traje. Este traje de látex azul, se compone de top abotonado de exageradas mangas, falda corta, capa y una extravagante corona puntiaguda. El conjunto ha sido creado por Void of Course.


Fashion Of His Love es la primera canción del 2º acto, y Gaga aparece entre las torres del castillo, ambientado como si fuera un gabinete, con un tocador y un perchero del que cuelgan algunos de sus míticos trajes. Después, al ritmo de Just Dance, una escalera desciende por la pared frontal del castillo y permite subir a Gaga al último piso, donde están algunas de sus bailarinas. Es la actuación que más cambios de vestuario ha ofrecido, ya que Gaga parecía no sentirse satisfecha con ninguno de los que usó.

El primero de todos fue un vestido negro largo ceñido creado exclusivamente por Atelier Versace. Éste vestido se utilizaba sólo en la canción Fashion Of His Love, ya que después se cambiaba y utilizaba otro atuendo para Just Dance.

El primer vestido usado durante Just Dance (independiente de FOHL) fue el vestido-piano, creación de Perry Meek en colaborción con la Haus Of Gaga. Este vestido negro corto de tirantes contaba con un teclado vertical en la zona de la falda, entre las piernas, que Gaga tocaba al ritmo de la música (en posteriores conciertos, aunque no se utilizó, pasó a ser exhibido en el perchero durante FOHL).

Posteriormente, ambas canciones empezaron a compartir vestuario. El siguiente traje utilizado fue creación de la Haus Of Gaga. Consistía en una larga chaqueta de color rojo sin mangas, con una exagerada estructura en los hombros, que caía por detrás en forma de capa.

Moschino diseñó en exclusiva el "Heart Attack Look" para el tour de Gaga, que consistía en una especie de capa de tafetán morado con volantes y lazos, a juego con un tocado con forma de corazón gigante.

Y, por último, el traje final que ha permanecido en el resto de shows de su gira, es el diseñado por Christian Dada: el "Origami Crane Dress". Es un vestido largo rosa sin mangas con dos figuras que recuerdan al origami a ambos lados de la falda. El propio diseñador creó este vestido teniendo en mente "la realidad de Japón y la esperanza de un futuro", como símbolo de la cultura japonesa.


En LoveGame, Gaga se deja ver fumando tumbada en una bañera de cristal, después, tras interactuar un poco con el público, empieza a interpretar Telephone con coreografía completa.

Durante ambas actuaciones lleva el mismo vestido corto de Versace. Este vestido cuenta con una sola manga con hombrera estructurada con detalles metálicos, así como la zona del corsé, y una falda muy corta. Como detalle, durante LoveGame luce una extravagante gorra militar con incrustaciones de cristal y exageradas puntas, a modo de Estatua de la Libertad.


En Heavy Metal Lover, Lady Gaga aparece caracterizada de manera similar a la motocicleta de la portada de su disco "Born This Way", que conduce en torno al escenario, y de la que luego se baja baja realizar una coreografía.

El vestuario escogido es otro de los diseños de Armani Privé creados exclusivamente para el tour de Gaga. Se trata de un body a modo de arnés con incrustaciones de Swarovski, con dos estructuras con hombreras y pinchos, cubiertas de flecos negros, que se ajustan a los brazos de manera independiente para que Gaga pueda moverlos libremente. Como accesorio, también cuenta con un casco geométrico que cuenta con un foco de luz.

Durante Bad Kids también utiliza este mismo traje (sin el casco), y después, al sentarse en el piano para interpretar Hair y Yoü And I (y Princess Die), se quita las estructuras de los brazos y se queda con el body-arnés.

Hay que recordar, también, que en el primer concierto que hizo de la gira, en Seúl, Gaga llevó durante Bad Kids una chaqueta de cuero customizada por Versace y la Haus Of Gaga, con una cruz roja en la espalda.

Cruz de Versace característica

Ésta ha sido la segunda parte de los Fashion Credits del Born This Way Ball. ¡Dentro de poco la tercera parte!

Primera parte:

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